Innovation through curiosity

The world of technology doesn't just need more ideas. Cisco's Outshift group believes it needs something more. Innovative endeavors that result in action. Real software, apps, and platforms that solve real future problems-whether those problems are 18 months out or five (or more) years into the future. We are shifting Cisco incubation into high gear, bringing emerging technologies to market by applying the best of startup spark-velocity, flexibility, and user-driven product growth-to the proven scale and solidity of a global business leader. In this pursuit of accelerating future-forward success, we drive transformation for Cisco customers and new markets alike.

Who we are

Cisco Research connects engineers and researchers from Cisco and world-class research labs from academia, to explore new and promising technologies that are of strategic interest to Cisco’s vision. Specific areas of focus include secure and agile networks, optimizing application experiences, future of work, enhancing capabilities at the edge, end-to-end security and future of the Internet. We are constantly expanding into new areas of research to maximize business, technology and societal impact.

Through academic partnerships and research grants, we enable exploration of issues and topics relevant to our core and adjacent business, that leverage the power of the network to change the world around us.

Who we are

Explore community-powered innovation in cloud native development, AI/ML, API security, observability, network automation, and more. Cisco developers contribute to these initiatives, and we use these projects in our platforms and solutions.

Visionaries Wanted

At Outshift, we predict and plan for the challenges of the future. We look for people who are bold, agile and creative. Those who like solving the biggest problems best. Sound fun? The only thing we're missing is you.