Discover Motific, Cisco’s first SaaS product that unlocks rapid, trustworthy generative AI (GenAI) deployments across your organization.

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Shubha Pant

Motific: Outshift’s first solution for trusted delivery of GenAI applications

The industry is buzzing with excitement about GenAI, as organizations try to find ways to improve speed to market, ensure consistent control of security and compliance policies, boost productivity, and control cost across multi-cloud environments

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Cisco and Mistral AI join forces to revolutionize enterprise AI

We’ve partnered with Mistral AI to offer organizations powerful and trustworthy GenAI solutions, beginning with our new SaaS product, Motific. By leveraging Mistral AI's latest Large Language Models (LLMs) across Cisco’s products, we’re reinforcing our commitment to providing superior AI solutions, regardless of the underlying technology.

Open and customizable solutions

With Mistral AI's open, flexible LLMs and the power of Cisco's portfolio and data, we're crafting precise, efficient features to address the industry's rapidly evolving business needs.

Sustainability at the forefront 

Our collaboration is built on a foundation of viability and resilience. By integrating Mistral AI's optimized models, we're aligning with Cisco’s vision for a sustainable future.

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Introducing Accelerate your GenAI adoption journey

Unlock rapid, trusted delivery of GenAI capabilities in your organization and streamline management of GenAI building blocks.

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Creating a new LLM connection with Motific

This demo highlights how Motific simplifies the journey of requesting, connecting, and provisioning a GenAI application.

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Motific's Intelligence Feature

Motific's intelligence feature dives deep into Motif activity, offering valuable business insights. You'll see details on prompt usage, time saved, and performance metrics for each Motif.

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