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Outshift, Cisco's incubation engine, delivers leading innovations in emerging technologies such as Generative AI, Quantum, and Cloud Application Security.

Join us at Cisco Live US in Las Vegas June 2-6, 2024

Learn more about our Enterprise-ready products and new innovations coming to market that will give your organization the leading edge.

Visit booth #5014 for Panoptica and Motific developments.

Featured Sessions

IT Leadership talk
ITLBRK-1113 Strategies for Safer, Faster Deployment of GenAI Apps and Services at Scale

4 June 2024, 3:15-3:45 PM


Shuhba Pant

Tushar Agrawal

Amidst the fervent adoption of Generative AI, organizations seek to harness its potential to enhance employee efficiency and revolutionize customer experiences. However, transitioning GenAI applications from concept to production at scale necessitates a comprehensive approach beyond mere experimentation with latest GenAI models. It demands a meticulous focus on safety, trust, compliance, security, cost, privacy and ROI considerations. Moreover, optimizing the utilization of organizational data with GenAI models to extract valuable business insights, such as Return on Investment (ROI), is imperative. This presentation delves into the multifaceted strategies essential for CIOs, CISOs, and CDOs to expedite the delivery of reliable GenAI-powered features, emphasizing the need for standardized, centralized, and scalable implementation within their organizations
Center Stage Session
CENETI-1001 Is your organization AI-Ready? How to deploy and Manage AI-Powered Technologies Rapidly and Safely

3 June 2024, 1:00 - 1:45 PM


Vijoy Pandey, SVP, Engineering, Cisco

Anurag Dhingra, SVP of Engineering & CTO, Collaboration, Cisco

Pallaw Sharma, SVP, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Cisco

Join this insightful discussion hosted by Vijoy Pandey, SVP of Outshift, Cisco's incubation engine for emerging technologies, and featuring Anurag Dhingra, SVP, CTO of Cisco Collaboration as well as Pallaw Sharma, SVP, Chief Data and Analytics Officer,as they discuss today's biggest GenAI opportunities and challenges across development and deployment through their own recent experiences and insights.

And finally, we will introduce a new GenAI policy and observability solution, Motific, which enables you to quickly and easily apply all these learnings into your own environment!