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Q2 FY'24 • Wednesday, January 17, 2024

This quarter's theme: Cloud Application Security, Outshift announcements, Gen AI, and Outshift events

Cloud Application Security on the Rise 

Panoptica, Cisco Cloud Application Security, Gains Momentum
Securing clusters and multi-cloud environments at scale

Most enterprises are now on board with the increasing demand for a holistic cloud security solution that helps organizations prioritize and remediate risks with precision. As threats become more sophisticated, so should the solutions that proactively defend against the bad actors. If you are looking to up your security game with Attack Path Analysis, Posture Management, CI/CD Security, or even workload protection, Panoptica has what you need.

In a fast-evolving cloud security landscape, Panoptica helps Neon Tech, a fully managed serverless Postgres, maximize engineering velocity and secure its cloud at scale.


An engineer at Neon Tech mentioned, “As the only security engineer at Neon, I wanted to check for any issues that could make our systems vulnerable...When I first saw the Panoptica demo, I was really impressed...With the attack path analysis to visualize possible attack scenarios. The tool is very simple to use and quite comprehensive. That’s been a huge help for us in understanding and fixing security vulnerabilities.” 

“In 2024, the rapidly evolving world of gen AI will provide attackers with new ways to conduct convincing phishing campaigns and information operations at scale.”

Video: Panoptica Explained in 1 Minute

In addition, Outshift has launched a brand-new cloud security fundamental learning experience, Panoptica Academy, which is helping cloud engineers dive deeper into upskilling in various cloud security learning paths from posture management, to attack path analysis, to API Security Posture, and more.

Look out for new content monthly including free tools and more advanced courses. The academy puts education at the forefront, empowering security and dev teams everywhere to learn and further their understanding of cloud security best practices. Beyond the academy modules and courses, visitors to panoptica.app can explore free tools like recon.cloud and expand their understanding of Panoptica with a new click-to-learn sandbox experience to accelerate their learning journey.


First look at Panoptica Academy’s course offerings. 

Over the last several quarters, we have been excited to welcome new customers looking to strengthen their DevOps and DevSecOps cloud native application security posture including the Paris Olympics 2024 organization, Turo, Lazard, and the United States Census Bureau, just to name a few.

P.S. We recently unveiled a fresh new look for the Panoptica to better feature the amazing things our product can offer. Check it out today!


Panoptica’s homepage with a bold new look and feel.

Outshift x Venture Beat Launch AI Hub, Together 

Learn how to build, scale, and secure AI in the enterprise 

Introducing Outshift’s groundbreaking AI Hub in partnership with Venture Beat, one of the most prominent tech and news media platforms for AI. This game-changing AI hub brings together luminaries in the AI world including Vijoy Pandey, SVP at Outshift, Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO at Credo AI, Bratin Saha, VP & GM at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Reynold Xin, Co-founder at Databricks. 

This revolutionary platform is your one-stop-shop for all things trustworthy, responsible, and generative AI-related. You’ll find several insightful articles and executive interviews covering topics including obstacles executives must overcome to adopt generative AI, how to scale AI in the enterprise, and why security is imperative to adopting generative AI. Embrace the future of AI with confidence and fortify your enterprise by staying ahead of the pack.


Outshift x Venture Beat AI Hub in Action 

New Outshift Updates and Announcements 

Outshift.com Refresh: New-and-improved way to explore our offerings 

We encourage you to come explore everything Outshift with our newly-designed website featuring our latest products, blogs, and upcoming events. If you want to take it a step further, you can also learn about the new career opportunities offered by Outshift.


Outshift’s new web redesign

Outshift by Cisco: Check out our videos 

For those who prefer to watch than read, we are excited to announce the launch of Outshift’s YouTube channel. This new channel is dedicated to all things emerging tech-related and will be your go-to destination for valuable video interviews with thought leaders, product tutorials, and more. Outshift is committed to keeping you on the cutting edge. Now, it is up to you to subscribe, engage, and learn more.


Preview of Outshift’s new YouTube channel

Outshift at Events

Come visit us at one of our upcoming events 

Outshift @ AWS re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent is an industry-leading tradeshow that serves as a platform for industry tech thought leaders to gather, engage, and learn about the latest cloud technologies and trends. Outshift did not miss a beat in representing its latest portfolio of emerging technologies across cloud native application security, generative AI, and more.

Learn more about Panoptica’s presence at AWS re:Invent 2023 in this insightful recap blog and this Cloud Security Podcast youtube video interviewing Outshift’s Alex Jauch, Senior Director of Product Management.

Where Can You Find Us Next?
  • Cisco Live Europe 2024: February 5-9, 2024, in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cisco Live is Cisco’s largest annual tradeshow, attracting tens of thousands of customers and partners interested in the latest Cisco products and services for the upcoming year.
  • RSAConference 2024: May 6-9, 2024, in San Francisco, California – RSA attracts the most security buzz in its annual information security conference. The platform provides cybersecurity professionals, experts, researchers, and others to share the latest cybersecurity trends.
  • Cisco Live US 2024: June 2 – 6, 2024, in Las Vegas Nevada - Cisco Live is Cisco’s largest annual tradeshow, which offers one of the largest gatherings of technology leaders and IT professionals eager to learn about emerging technologies, cybersecurity, cloud, and more.
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