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Published on 02/06/2024
Last updated on 06/18/2024

Motific: Outshift’s first solution for trusted delivery of GenAI applications


The industry is buzzing with excitement about GenAI, as organizations try to find ways to improve speed to market, ensure consistent control of security and compliance policies, boost productivity, and control cost across multi-cloud environments. 

In 2023, organizations were primarily focused on evaluating and experimenting with GenAI solutions. Analysts report that organizations will move from evaluation to a significant ramp-up of GenAI deployments this year. 

Rapid GenAI Adoption Driven from the Top Down

GenAI has captured the interest of developers, but the priority to deploy GenAI applications is being driven from the top down. According to the Cisco Digital Readiness Index in 2023, 97% of companies say the urgency to deploy AI-powered technologies has increased in their company within the past six months. CXOs are directing central IT teams to deploy solutions across business units for multiple use cases for marketing and sales, customer experience, finance, HR, and more.  Every business unit feels the pressure to leverage GenAI solutions for innovation, productivity, and improved user experience. However, they must deal with challenges stemming from:

  • Slow time to value/slower innovation and delivery
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility across the GenAI usage, cost, and ROI
  • Increased trust and compliance risks

Introducing Motific, a SaaS Product for Rapid and Trusted Delivery of GenAI Apps 

Outshift by Cisco is introducing Motific, our first GenAI product. Motific is a SaaS product for rapid and trusted delivery. As a cloud-agnostic technology, Motific empowers central IT teams along every step of their journey by provisioning GenAI assistants and APIs to business developers and users in compliance with an organization's trust, compliance, and cost policies through a single interface. CXOs across the organization can gain deep ROI and business insights to help speed time to value, optimize costs, and reduce risk.


An example of a use case for Motific would be in highly regulated industries, organizations need to make sure that their internal applications developers are not sending sensitive data outside the company to public LLMs. They need visibility into any use of unauthorized LLMs in the organization so we could replace that usage with compliant systems. With Motific integrations into CASB solutions, IT admins are able to identify unauthorized LLMs usage within the enterprise and with Motific's variety of policy guardrails and rapid provisioning capabilities, IT admins can quickly bring non-sanctioned LLM usage into compliance by applying the right policy controls, so that business teams can continue to innovate without risk.

Key features of Motific:

  • Applications: Assistance and APIs provisioned in minutes. 
  • Gateway: Code once and early switch across providers and models.  
  • Policies: Comply comprehensively pre-built and customizable trust, cost, and compliance policies.
  • Testing: Test assistance and APIs at scale pre and postproduction with pre-loaded and customizable prompt libraries for testing.
  • Monitoring: Gain end-to-end visibility of production usage and performance.
  • Intelligence: Analyzes prompt for user intent and prompts to understand & optimize usage.

Benefits of Motific:

  • Cut Generative AI deployment times from months to days with built-in compliance controls for over usage and overrun spending, and organization data sources integrations.
  • Code once across multiple providers.
  • Comply against changing the policy landscape with automated built-in policy controls for sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), security such as prompt injection and access controls, and responsible AI such as toxicity.
  • Deep business process and intelligence with ROI and cost analysis including consolidated monitoring audit trail and key metrics tracking of all user requests.
  • With just a few clicks in Motific, central IT and security teams can provision GenAI assistants and abstracted APIs for Foundation Models and LLMs, that are customized with Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG) on organizational data sources, for use out-of-the-box or in building of GenAI applications.
  • Deter shadow AI usage in organizations by providing visibility into the use of uncertified third-party GenAI capabilities and helping IT admins provision certified and compliant alternatives.

We invite you to explore the transformative benefits that Motific has to offer

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