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Published on 02/07/2024
Last updated on 06/18/2024

GenAI offerings for enterprises: A recap of new GenAI capabilities from Outshift


Are you tuned into CiscoLive 2024 in Amsterdam? At the event, Outshift leaders are taking customers on a journey toward rapid acceleration to GenAI through new product offerings. Your GenAI journey can take you down many paths. Whether you need to protect Generative AI-based applications from top risk vectors, provide a Generative-AI-based assistant for your cloud native security needs, or deploy a SaaS product for rapid and trusted delivery of your GenAI applications, Outshift can help guide you each step of the way. 

“Cisco is rapidly accelerating its product offerings for customers in the Generative AI space to meet the growing artificial intelligence and security compliance demands of enterprises,” said Vijoy Pandey, Senior Vice President, Outshift by Cisco. “Motific accelerates the time to value an enterprise organization spends on GenAI usage and deployment by mitigating the risk up-front and enabling teams to innovate faster.”

Outshift announced two new Generative AI features as part of Panoptica, our flagship native cloud security product: First Context-Aware Generative AI-based Assistant:

  • First context-aware Cisco AI Assistant. This Generative AI-based assistant for Panoptica is an intelligent advisor for your cloud native application security needs.

  • Custom help on cloud application security best practices and on using Panoptica most effectively.

  • Instant custom assistance in understanding, prioritizing, investigating, and remediating your specific security issues.

  • ‘Lens-like” interface feature that lets you get answers scoped to whatever part of the Panoptica UI that you focus the “lens” on (including detailed Attack Paths

GenAI Protection, an LLM security and protection suite inside Panoptica:

  • Helps organizations guard their Generative AI-based applications from the top risk vectors targeted towards LLMs.

  • Organizations can better understand training and fine-tuning data, models, and artifacts such as AI Bill of Materials (AI BOM) vulnerabilities, or infusing model inference such as prompt inject and insecure prompt handling.

  • Detects malicious prompts made by users, blocks them, and reports them in Panoptica, as part of API security

Outshift by Cisco introduced Motific, our first GenAI product. Motific is a SaaS product for rapid and trusted delivery. 

Here are the Motific capabilities announced this week:

  • Assistants: Deliver trusted, secure, assistants to business end-users

  • Policy Controls: Apply built-in and custom PII, toxicity, hallucination, topics, token limit, prompt injection, and data poisoning controls.

  • Abstracted APIs: Provide standardized foundation model interfaces to business app developers.

  • Monitoring: Gain end-to-end visibility of operational metrics, policy flags, and audit trail

  • Knowledge Bases: Connect with org data sources for optimal and secure retrieval-augmented-generation (RAG)

  • Intelligence: Understand user intents based on prompts to optimize foundation model usage

Check out this week’s blogs and announcements: 

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You can learn more about Outshift Generative AI products and capabilities by visiting and Panoptica.App.

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