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Published on 10/13/2022
Last updated on 02/09/2024

Get Ready for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022!



KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America '22 is just a few short weeks away. We are excited to be a Diamond Sponsor at this year’s event. Besides unveiling our new and exciting open-source innovations, 30+ booth talks, a marquee keynote, and 10+ cool booth demos, there will also be some exciting giveaways—including some covetable custom-printed hoodies!

If your organization is focused on open-source and cloud-native technologies (and if not, why not?), you definitely won’t want to miss this year’s Kubecon + CloudNativeCon North America from October 24-28. This conference—the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship event—is the year’s premier gathering for open-source and cloud-native technologists and will be held in Detroit, Michigan, a city best known for Motown sound, automobile-enthusiast culture, and some of the nation’s most infamous sports teams (Lions, Tigers, and Pistons, oh my!).

Cisco’s Emerging Technology and Incubation (ET&I) group is gearing up for this momentous occasion. We’re not only excited for the technical sessions, deep dives, and case studies, some of us haven’t been to an in-person event for the last two years (thanks to COVID-19) and are starting to feel like vampires who never see the light of day. We’re looking forward to overcoming our social anxiety and rejoining our peers who, like us, are focused on learning about and leveraging the best that the cloud-native community has to offer.

We’re excited to reveal some new products and services designed to help our customers develop, manage, and troubleshoot modern microservices-based applications faster and more securely in hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments. Not only are we launching the Pro and Enterprise versions of our production-ready cloud-native security, observability, and monitoring products, we’ll also be sharing our most exciting open-source projects, such as OpenClarity, APIClarity, KubeClarity (and announcing some new projects under the OpenClarity umbrella, as well!), Service Mesh Kafka Operator, Logging Operator, and more. These open-source innovations help power our commercial products such as Calisti and Panoptica. Go try them out for free (no credit card required).

On October 28, 9:40 am, Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source at Cisco, will deliver a keynote aptly titled “Finding Clarity in a Cloudy Landscape.” He’ll explain the importance of visibility in cloud-native environments and explore the evolution of open-source tooling that provides increased clarity for your end-to-end cloud-native development—from visibility of deployed APIs to detection and management of software bills of materials to vulnerability detection. He’ll also unveil our latest addition to the OpenClarity ecosystem—FunctionClarity—which gives developers a framework for code signing serverless functions.

Here are some other exciting talks that you may want to add to your schedule:

  • October 24, 3:35 pm – 4:05 pm: Bring Your Own Bytecode to the Logging Party (WASM Day). Cisco’s Sandor Guba & Dudas Adam discuss how the Envoy proxy uses WASM plugins to filter, transform, and authenticate HTTP content. They’ll describe a plugin system specialized for logging purposes, which enables you to run the exact same plugins in the browser and the backend system, drastically reducing the turnaround time from planning to production.
  • October 26, 3:25 – 4:00 pm: Get Projects Approved by Articulating the Value of a Cloud Native Solution. Krisztian Flautner (Cisco), Larry Carvalho (RobustCloud), Betty Junod (VMware), and Chris Rosen (IBM Cloud) explain how cloud-native technology is a robust set of tools that enable the development of innovative solutions…but practitioners often do not understand the business value delivered. This panel discussion will focus on three examples of how cloud-native tools provide significant benefits not possible with traditional technology.
  • October 27, 11:55 am – 12:30 pm: Inclusive, Accessible Tech: Bias-Free Language in Code and Configurations. Cisco’s Anne Gentle talks about the importance of carefully choosing words to convey the correct meaning and avoid harmful subtext or exclusion. She’ll walk through how to take an inventory of assets from code to config files, API specifications, and standards and demonstrate how to automate the analysis of source code or documentation with a linter.
  • October 27, 2:30 – 3:05 pm: Edge-Native: The New Paradigm for Operating and Developing Edge Apps. Frank Brockners explains how to operate apps across thousands of locations (which are often hidden behind layers of NAT), how to run AI apps on nodes that are too small to fit the AI model, and how to make it all operationally simple.

Of course, it won’t be all serious stuff. When you visit our booth (D3—write that down!), you’ll help Zoltar the Magnificent determine the future of technology, secure your custom-designed hoodie at our booth, and watch us print it in real time. We’ll give back to the community by donating a pair of socks to local Detroit homeless shelters for each theatre session and demo attendee, the more you watch, the more we give.

If you haven’t already signed up to attend, what are you waiting for? Register for Kubecon + CloudNativeCon North America, come by our booth (D3), and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there!

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