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Published on 06/05/2023
Last updated on 06/18/2024

Accelerating forward: a recap of the latest cloud native application security news from Outshift


If you didn’t fasten your seatbelts this week, you would have felt the gust that Outshift by Cisco made as it moved full speed ahead at Cisco Live US in Las Vegas. Leaders took customers on an exhilarating cloud native application security journey, urging them to improve their security posture against ever-growing sophisticated attack paths and expanded attack surfaces with our new and improved Cloud Native Application Security for Panoptica.

Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, and GM of Applications said it best: “Panoptica offers a differentiated experience by bringing these powerful capabilities together for complete code to cloud security coverage…This is an intentional investment in helping our customers supercharge their modern application security at scale.”

Here are the new Panoptica capabilities announced this week, which will become available fall of 2023: 

  • 🛡️Attack-Path Analysis – Look at paths from diverse angles and get help with risk mitigation and resolution. 
  • 👨🏽‍💻 Code and Build Security – Fortify your full software development lifecycle, governance policies, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). 
  • ☁️ Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Enable continuous compliance and monitoring at scale, with visibility across their entire inventory cloud assets, including Kubernetes Security Posture Management. 
  • 🤖 Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) – Continuous security for virtual machines (VMs), serverless, containers, APIs and more. 
  • 🔐 Application and API Security – Monitor and secure your internal and external APIs and API tokens. 

This week, Outshift shared several blogs for you to check out:

  1. Check out Vijoy Pandey’s, SVP, Outshift by Cisco, perspective on how Panoptica helps customers secure cloud native applications and prioritize with precision.
  2. Get a product deep dive from Idan Kober, Panoptica Product Manager.
  3. Explore our new brand, Outshift, Cisco’s incubation engine, Vijoy introduces.

Finally, see everything related to Panoptica on our Panoptica landing page. You’ll find resources like our eBooks, Panoptica Whitepaper, Gartner Report, and much more here. If you are eager to join our supercharged momentum, reach out to our team today via the link above.

Check back with us in the fall, and we will have more exciting news to share then. Innovation, full speed ahead.

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