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Published on 08/05/2020
Last updated on 02/05/2024

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Update: beta.banzaicloud.io has been shut down on November 3, 2020. You can use the Banzai Cloud Pipeline Enterprise Preview platform at try.pipeline.banzai.cloud instead, with extended feature set and the same conditions.
Pipeline is Banzai Cloud’s Kubernetes container management platform, which allows enterprises to develop, deploy and securely scale container-based applications in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. For the past two years, we have been running a freely available, hosted and managed Pipeline environment at beta.banzaicloud.io (called the Banzai Cloud Pipeline Developer Preview), which over 2000 users are using to manage clusters across 5 public cloud providers. The platform is mainly used for testing and evaluation purposes, but we also know several hundreds of users who decided to deploy production workloads on Pipeline-managed clusters to benefit from the features of the platform without the burden of managing it themselves. This led to an active support community around it on Slack. Over the years, we kept releasing new features to the managed Developer Preview platform in a backward compatible manner. It was often hard to do without asking users to migrate, but we took it as a challenge. Sadly, this is as far as we could keep doing it. Due to recent, major changes in the Pipeline platform (such as Helm 3 support, Backyards (now Cisco Service Mesh Manager) and One Eye integrations), we decided to retire beta.banzaicloud.io, effective October 31, 2020. From now on, it won't receive product updates, critical security fixes will be applied only. New registrations are disabled, existing users will be able to access the platform until October 31, 2020. At the same time, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of our new Banzai Cloud Pipeline Enterprise Preview platform at try.pipeline.banzai.cloud. Compared to the old service, it gives you several enterprise features, including:
  • Cluster (control plane and worker node) upgrade
  • Helm 3 support
  • GPU-accelerated node provisioning, ready for AI workloads
  • Self-serve Kubernetes for your teams with cluster templates
  • Advanced network settings and provisioning for your clusters
  • Advanced instance management
  • Unified authentication and authorization
Important: Your existing account won’t be migrated to the new environment. If you are still evaluating Pipeline, please register a new account at try.pipeline.banzai.cloud and recreate your clusters, secrets, and other components of your environment. It should be super easy using our CLI tool. If you use Pipeline to manage production clusters and you need help in migrating to the new environment, contact us to discuss the details. We realize this must be uncomfortable for many of you, especially for those who trusted us with their businesses. It wasn't easy to make this decision, but we believe with the new features, this provides an improved service and better experience to our users. Summary of important dates: Kind Regards, The Banzai Cloud Team

About Banzai Cloud Pipeline

Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline provides a platform for enterprises to develop, deploy, and scale container-based applications. It leverages best-of-breed cloud components, such as Kubernetes, to create a highly productive, yet flexible environment for developers and operations teams alike. Strong security measures — multiple authentication backends, fine-grained authorization, dynamic secret management, automated secure communications between components using TLS, vulnerability scans, static code analysis, CI/CD, and so on — are default features of the Pipeline platform.
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