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Published on 01/12/2024
Last updated on 03/21/2024

Outshift and VentureBeat partner to lead industry conversation around GenAI for enterprise applications


Outshift and VentureBeat have joined forces to launch an AI Hub to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of generative AI and emerging technologies. 

VentureBeat, a leading media company covering AI and tech innovation, shared Outshift's expertise with its followers of industry execs, influencers, and decision-makers.

The partnership was a natural fit. Both share a similar global audience of highly technical leaders. 

“Our audience comes to us because of our reporting on AI,” says Todd Bokin, strategic partnerships director at VentureBeat. “We really get under the hood of what C-suite executives and developers need to know.”

A need for trusted advisors 

It’s no secret that Gen AI products, tools, and applications will have a significant impact on the way a business functions. However, this technology is still in its beginning phases. Despite its transformative benefits, leaders may hesitate to integrate it into their organization. 

With widespread adoption around the corner, it’s crucial for leaders to prepare themselves with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, reorient strategies, and stay competitive in the market.

“The sole purpose of this partnership is to provide the industry with valuable information about AI, where it’s headed, the challenges, and what are the opportunities for people who are ready to scale up in the space rapidly,” says Jerome Sanders, executive communications manager at Outshift. 

The Outshift/VentureBeat AI Hub provides an ideal resource for organizations looking to stay current about these emerging issues. 

“It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; companies now are all technology lead,” says Debra Sharp, director of branded content at VentureBeat. “The business leaders and the IT-decision leaders in these companies must stay informed on a range of technology, as it impacts their ability to stay competitive and innovative.” 

An overview of the Outshift/VentureBeat AI Hub

Explore the AI Hub to gain access to analysis, insightful articles, and a video mini-series that 

delves into the intricacies of some of the most significant Gen AI issues affecting enterprises such as security, scalability, and trustworthiness.

VentureBeat facilitated illuminating discussions featuring Vijoy Pandey, SVP and Head of Outshift, who spoke with influential figures and industry leaders such as Navrina Singh, founder and CEO of Credo AI and White House Advisor, Bratin Saha, vice president and general manager, AI & Machine Learning at Amazon, and Reyond Xin, co-founder of Databricks. 

“We want to make this hub a VentureBeat/Outshift feature and resource for enterprise decision-makers around Gen AI,” says Todd Bokin, strategic partnerships director at VentureBeat.

The following is a sneak-peak of some of the exclusive content you’ll find on the hub:

Why the promise behind generative AI comes down to security

The 15-second preview: 

It's important for organizations to understand the present and future security risks of Gen AI. As the space continues to evolve, enterprises need to diligently implement robust security protocols to safeguard customers. With the right approach, leaders can mitigate risks, maintain customer trust, and prioritize innovation.   

Overcoming the trust, talent and price tag challenges in scaling Gen AI

The 15-second preview:

As businesses look to quickly scale Gen AI projects, they face headwinds related to data, privacy, and cost. Even in the rush to deployment, maintaining an organization’s unique value proposition remains critical. Organizations must prioritize identifying and measuring business outcomes for a project to scale successfully.

Companies know that trustworthy and responsible AI is a business imperative—why are they hesitating? 

The 15-second preview:

After ChatGPT transformed the public’s understanding and use of Gen AI products, business leaders may feel the pressure to quickly adopt these emerging technologies to benefit their organizations. A trustworthy and responsible AI framework must be in place so it’s simple to hold people and processes accountable for potential consequences.

Looking ahead

As Gen AI continues to advance, the conversation will deepen. The resources on the Outshift/VentureBeat AI Hub provide resources aimed to propel discussions forward in this rapidly evolving area of tech. 

For in-depth content on the latest advancements and insights in the space, check out Outshift’s AI Hub on VentureBeat.


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