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Published on 06/09/2022
Last updated on 06/18/2024

Cisco ET&I Takes on Las Vegas at Cisco Live 2022


Cisco’s Emerging Technologies & Incubation (ET&I) team is excited to share several announcements of our evolution along with our upcoming participation in this year’s Cisco Live US, which is taking place June 12 – 16, 2022 in Las Vegas.

ET&I is midst an evolution that is driving hyper focus to two key investment areas across application modernization and edge native. Modern distributed applications are built using APIs and Services from any provider (internal, SaaS, cloud) and can be deployed anywhere, including on-premises, at the edge, or in the public cloud.

Edge is of particular interest as it is the new battleground for data and applications, where the current cloud infrastructure may either induce too much latency or may not be economically feasible for all edge scenarios. It’s like one size does not fit all.

What this means is that ET&I will be targeted in how we identify Cisco’s Bold Bets for the future to deliver even greater user experiences and shorten the time to value for our customers, developers, and partners.

From Ideation to Driving Rapid Product Adoption

As part of our innovation journey over the last two years in ET&I, we have ideated, validated with Design Partners, and incubated several hundred ideas. We are excited to announce that because of our team’s dedication and the commitment of our customers and design partners, we have successfully taken two new Cloud Native products to market spanning across Full Stack Observability, Service Mesh Management, and Secure Application Cloud as free offerings. These products are available for you to try today!

  1. Calisti (Service Mesh Manager)
  2. Panoptica (Secure Application Cloud)

Bold Bets is Getting Bolder

This year, Bold Bets will be bringing our Cisco partners along in our innovation journey. As part of the annual Partner Innovation Challenge, we are introducing a new Bold Bets prize. This new category of the Challenge is not only a unique opportunity for partners to win a cash prize but it’s a chance to bring their biggest ideas to life with Cisco.

We are more specifically interested in big ideas that address modern applications connectivity, security, observability, and edge deployment. If you are a Cisco partner and have a new business idea, wait no more, and submit your Bold Bets!

How is ET&I Showing Up at Cisco Live US This Year

As a team, we are excited to have ET&I highlighted on the Cisco Live US show floor for the very first time in Las Vegas. Our team is eager to display our latest cloud native technology solutions across modern applications, edge native, and full stack observability. In the Cisco World of Solutions (WoS) booth dedicated to ET&I, please check out our four dedicated stations on the following technologies Calisti (Service Mesh Manager), Panoptica (Secure Application Cloud), Telescope (Full Stack Observability), and Great Bear (Edge Operations).

We will be presenting dozens of technical sessions within the ET&I session track and over 20 speaking sessions with executives and product managers in the ET&I mini theater discussing product and technology roadmaps. Get engaged with our teams at Bayside Hall Main Level at the Mandalay Bay.

Thank you to our community of innovators for coming together to build the roadmap to the future as Design Partners. If you have not signed up to become a design partner, this is your chance help us shape the future of cutting-edge innovation. This is also an opportunity for new This is only the beginning! We will see you at Cisco Live US.

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. Try our Newest Cloud Native Free Product Offerings
    1., Secure Application Cloud Solution
    2., Service Mesh Manager Solution
    3. Telescope, Full Stack Observability Solution
  2. Submit a Bold Bet (For Cisco Partners Only)
  3. Become a Design Partner
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