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Published on 11/12/2023
Last updated on 06/18/2024

Discover Outshift's vision for cloud native security and AI at AWS re: Invent



As Cisco's incubation engine for emerging tech, we're passionate about seeking new possibilities and crafting innovation solutions. We're currently focused on two exciting areas: generative AI and cloud native security. We'd be thrilled to have you join us at AWS re: Invent, where we can exchange ideas and explore the limitless potential of these technologies together.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the enterprise world with our solutions in cloud-native security and artificial intelligence (AI). Join us at the Outshift booth during AWS re: Invent, where we can geek out together on these exciting topics. Get ready for engaging conversations, impressive demos, and a chance to explore the future of technology firsthand.

Before you join us in sunny Las Vegas, here's a sneak peek into our thought process on these two exciting topics.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI has become headline news thanks to the success of generative AI, which is causing companies to scramble to figure out the impact that its usage may have on their employees and businesses. We have been deep in research mode ourselves to postulate solutions for these questions. Among the pressing questions that occupy our minds, some prominent ones are:

  1. What are the barriers enterprises face when scaling AI services across their organizations?

  2. What are solutions that enable ease of use to provide productive access to more employees?

  3. What is the most trustworthy solution to protect IT Ops team’s most critical assets and data?

Get the latest insights on trustworthy AI best practices and generative AI strategies that will revolutionize your enterprise at


Panoptica is our Enterprise-ready solution for complete cloud native application security. It simplifies cloud application security by offering a single, efficient platform, eliminating silos, and reducing overhead. With streamlined and consolidated cloud security, organizations benefit from comprehensive support across all cloud environments and Kubernetes management.  Security is constantly shifting, and we must provide solutions that fulfill the needs of today and tomorrow. There are three main tenants to cybersecurity: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. If you look at recent cybersecurity attacks, most will not be detected by a firewall or a traditional network security solution.

Some of the issues that we are currently thinking about are:

  1. How do we verify the integrity of your supply chain?
  2. How can we illustrate the attack vectors and make them actionable?
  3. How can we streamline the management of security across diverse cloud environments?

Join us at AWS re: Invent to delve deeper into these fascinating domains and discover how Outshift is shaping the future of technology. Schedule a meeting, join our informative talks, or simply drop by booth 1276 to experience the magic of our innovative solutions in cloud native security and AI. We're excited to meet you and have engaging conversations about the future of technology. See you at AWS re:Invent!

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