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Published on 04/16/2024
Last updated on 06/18/2024

Accelerate the adoption of GenAI deployments in your enterprise


With AI's recent acceleration, organizations are under pressure to harness the technology to gain an advantage over their competitors. However, before companies can fully adopt and deploy AI technologies, they must prepare. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary risk, including security and compliance issues, loss of trust, and significant timeline or cost overruns.  

As a business application developer, it is critical to establish adaptable solutions on a strong foundation to evolve with your business needs and keep pace with AI advancements. That means establishing reliable, fair, transparent, and robust standards and practices for AI development. Only then can you begin to leverage the power of generative AI (GenAI) to build applications for a broad array of use cases including document search and summarization, question answering, and code or content generation. 

With the proper deployment, GenAI can help you improve employee productivity, reduce operational costs, and deliver better experiences.  

The open-ended, free-form capabilities of GenAI features have led to challenges in compliance, security, access control, responsible AI, and cost control that organizations struggle to address. In response, some customers are trying to develop the necessary controls and monitoring capabilities in-house. 

Yet, these deployments are often unreliable due to a lack of expertise, limited resources, a vast scope of work, and redundant and inconsistent implementations. GenAI projects are taking multiple months instead of days to complete, and control coverage is patchy. Improving speed-to-market with confidence seems like an impossible task. 

The industry is moving toward rapid adoption of GenAI applications in enterprises. According to the 2024 Cisco AI Readiness Index, a survey of over 8,161 business leaders, 63% of participants identified improving the efficiency of systems, processes, operations, and profitability as their top organizational challenge. 

Cisco AI Readiness Index.png
Improve efficiencies of systems, processes, and operations (Cisco AI Readiness Index, 2024)

A fast, trustworthy SaaS product for GenAI delivery: Motific 

What would accelerating adoption of your AI projects mean to your organization? 

Outshift by Cisco recently introduced our first GenAI product called Motific, a SaaS product for rapid and trusted delivery of GenAI capabilities. Motific, a cloud-agnostic technology, empowers central IT teams at every step of their journey. It provisions GenAI assistants and APIs to business developers and users through a single interface in compliance with an organization's trust, compliance, and cost policies. 

CXOs across the organization gain deep ROI and business insights to help speed time to value, optimize costs, and reduce risk.

End-to-end visibility with Motific as a single hub 

Motific can streamline management of your GenAI applications, users, APIs, and models, serving as a single hub that connects all of your key building blocks. 

  • Assistants: Deliver trusted, secure, assistants to business end-users.
  • Abstracted APIs: Provide standardized foundation model interfaces to business app developers.
  • Policy Controls: Apply built-in and custom PII (Personally Identifiable Information), toxicity, hallucination, topics, token limit, prompt injection, and data poisoning controls.
  • Monitoring: Gain end-to-end visibility of operational metrics, policy flags, and audit trail. 
  • Knowledge Bases: Connect with org data sources for optimal and secure retrieval-augmented-generation (RAG).
  • Intelligence: Understand user intents based on prompts to optimize foundation model usage. 

These building blocks work together to ensure faster innovation, achieve risk and security compliance, and provide ROI and business insights across your organization’s GenAI landscape.

Motific Dashboard
Dashboard of Motific Application Deployment Process

Generative AI marketing use case: Creating efficient and effective content 

Motific can be used for a variety of use cases across various business units. Let’s look at marketing as a use case where you are trying to create efficient and effective content. 

For example, you lead a global food and beverage company and want to apply GenAI to help your marketing team quickly query past marketing campaign content and performance data to reuse in new campaigns. 

You want to save valuable time on developing the campaign and facilitate consistency and uniformity of the content. However, the complexity and fragility of using GenAI, while preventing toxic and biased model outputs to your users and customers, can slow down the campaign. 

With Motific, your IT operations team can provision chatbot endpoints for marketing users in minutes. It only takes a few clicks to automatically configure assistants, abstracted APIs, and RAG — all powered by your organization’s specific data and connected to control policies that address bias, toxicity, and hallucinations. 

If a user asks questions about sensitive information, for example, around bookings, they will be blocked unless they have permission. Access to the information will be denied. Your IT admin has full visibility across all users, all models, and your entire GenAI landscape. Your organization can move fast with GenAI projects internally while adhering to company policy controls. 

Motific provisions assistants and APIs in minutes and eliminates the pressure on enterprises to learn and adopt modern technology. 

Visit to learn more about how you can accelerate your GenAI journey with Motific.

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