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Published on 03/07/2022
Last updated on 05/03/2024

The Top Cloud Native Security Conferences to Attend in 2022


We’re so excited that in-person conferences are happening again that we’ve already packed our bags! All that’s left is to decide which cloud native security conferences to attend. With so many events this year, we decided to whittle the list down for you. If you can’t make it to the conferences, we’ve got you covered. Several virtual or hybrid options are available as well. Read on for the best cloud native security conferences of 2022:
  1. The DEVOPS Conference March 8 - 9 / Virtual

    The DEVOPS Conference is a free, virtual event that features software industry experts. The conference brings together everyone from the DevOps ecosystem - executives, managers, engineers, programmers, and designers. It promises to be a lively exchange where you can share knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals. Keynote speaker Kelsey Hightower will hold a fireside chat on the future of Kubernetes. Dr. Nicole Forsgren of Microsoft Research and Kohsuke Kawaguchi will deliver keynotes as well.

  2. SREcon22 Americas March 14 - 16 / San Francisco

    This gathering of engineers will cover all things related to systems engineering, site reliability, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. While in-person tickets are sold out, you can still register for virtual participation in SREcon22 Americas. Casey Rosenthal will deliver opening remarks about strategies for establishing ROI, with other speakers including Amy Tobey and Jamie Gaskins.

  3. Cloudfest March 22-24, Europa-Park, Germany

    Cloudfest 2022 will feature more than 250 speakers and over 150 exhibitors from 72 countries. This event is one of the world’s top conferences for cloud native security, hosting, and internet service providers. It is an opportunity to form new partnerships, share deep knowledge, and have a great time with other industry insiders. Speakers at Cloudfest 2022 include Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, Tim Callan, and Edmondo Orlotti.

  4. APIsecure April 6-7 / Virtual

    APIsecure is the world’s first conference dedicated to API threat management, bringing together breakers, defenders, and solutions in API security. This year’s conference will be a virtual event. APIsecure aims to shape the future of API threat management. Speakers will include Inon Shkedy, Gary Hayslip, and Tanya Janca.

  5. IstioCon April 25-29 / Virtual

    IstioCon is a platform to connect contributors and users to discuss uses of Istio in different architectural setups and limitations. It aims to build awareness and educate a broader audience on how to use Istio in a hands-on way. This free, fully-digital conference will run over five days and will be held in English and Chinese. The speakers for IstioCon 2022 are yet to be announced. Last year’s keynote speakers were Craig Box and Lin Sun, and this year’s conference will undoubtedly be a worthwhile, hands-on event as well.

  6. WTF is SRE April 28 / Virtual

    WTF is SRE 2022 is a free, one-day virtual conference designed by site reliability engineers, design thinkers, and anyone with “innovation” in their job description. This conference will cover reliability, DevSecOps, and observability in a dynamic, irreverent way that’s sure to build industry excitement. Some of the speakers at this year’s WTF is SRE include Charity Majors, Henrik Rexed, and Philipp Krenn.

  7. DockerCon May 10 / Virtual

    DockerCon is one of the largest developer conferences of the year, featuring Docker product demos, breakout sessions, technical sessions, and industry updates. It’s a chance to connect with colleagues from around the world at a free, immersive experience. The call for papers for this year’s DockerCon is now open.

  8. Kubernetes AI Day Europe May 16 / Valencia, Spain

    Co-located with KubeCon EU, Kubernetes AI Day will explore deploying AI at scale using Kubernetes, which is becoming a common substrate for AI that allows for workloads to be run either in the cloud or in their own data center and to easily scale. Cloud Native Computing Federation is hosting the event, and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, catch the recap of last year’s event.

  9. Cloud Native SecurityCon Europe May 16-17 / Valencia, Spain

    Also co-located with KubeCon EU, Cloud Native SecurityCon is Europe’s premier cloud native security conference, designed to encourage collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing of cloud native security projects to address challenges and opportunities in the industry. The conference will feature lightning talks by experts in architecture and policy, secure software development, supply chain security, identity and access, forensics, and more. An interactive Capture the Flag experience will allow attendees to learn firsthand practical attack and defense techniques. The lineup of speakers at Cloud Native SecurityCon is yet to be announced.

  10. KubeCon Europe 2022 May 16-20 / Valencia, Spain + Virtual

    KubeCon is the flagship conference of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities gather CNCFs flagship conference, which takes place over four days to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing. Ricardo Rocha, Emily Fox, and Jasmine James will co-chair the conference. The full lineup of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

  11. ICS Security Summit June 1-9 / Lake Buena Vista, Florida + Virtual

    This annual event brings together the industry’s leaders and experts from around the world to share actionable ideas, methods, and techniques for safeguarding critical infrastructures. Virtual attendance is free. The conference features comprehensive 4-6 day courses on crucial topics in industrial control systems. Course instructors at ICS include Justin Searle and Robert M. Lee.

  12. Cisco Live June 12-16, Lavs Vegas, Nevada + Virtual

    Cisco Live is an exciting opportunity to be inspired and learn from the leading innovators in IT. The event will feature over 700 technical and business sessions covering applications, networking, security, cloud, and more. Attendees will get together in technical sessions and meet with Cisco engineers, executives, and fellows to talk about technical and business-related challenges, plus party at the Cisco Live Celebration. Shawn Wargo, Shari Slate, Waris Sagheer, and Azeem Suleman will present at this year’s sessions.

  13. Open Source Summit North America June 21 - 24, Austin, Texas + Virtual

    The OS Summit is one of the premier events for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to get together to share information that encourages open source innovation and ensures a sustainable open source ecosystem. Developers, architects, sysadmins, community managers, and students to meet up and be inspired by the industry’s latest developments. Speakers at the summit are yet to be announced. Last year’s lineup included Heather E. McGowan and Royal O’Brien.

  14. Monitorama June 27-29 / Portland, Oregon

    Monitorama is an annual event that focuses on monitoring and observability in software systems. Industry experts and community leaders will gather in Portland to discuss the latest tools, techniques, and approaches at some of the largest web architectures in the world. The call for participation is open, and you can follow Monitorama on Twitter to hear about speakers when they are revealed.

  15. Open Source Summit Europe September 13-16 / Dublin + Virtual

    The Open Source Summit furthers open source innovation and ensures a sustainable open source ecosystem. OS Summit is the place for open source code and community contributors to come together, covering topics and issues relevant to open source today. Follow #ossummit to learn more.

  16. KubeCon/CloudNativeCon October 24-28 / Detroit, Michigan

    KubeCon is the flagship conference of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, bringing together leaders from the cloud native and open source communities. This five-day event seeks to further education and explore developments in the industry with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, showcases, and an all-attendee party. Speakers are yet to be announced, but you can follow the conference at KubeCon to learn more.

  17. Infrastructure as Code Summit November 8 / Virtual

    Infrastructure as Code is a free virtual conference highlighting cutting-edge solutions and focusing on real use cases in industries. Professionals and specialists within the industry will benefit from experts as they gather to discuss current and future approaches. An exclusive speed networking session will feature 1-2-1 meetings set up by an AI matchmaking engine.

security_confAnd there you have it - The definitive list of Cloud Native Security events to attend in 2022! So if you’ve been clamoring to attend a cloud native security conference for the past couple of years, 2022 is the year! Furthering your cloud native security skills will be fun and easy at these dynamic, educational, and professional conferences. With so many in-person and virtual events planned, there’s something on the schedule for everyone. Think we missed one? Tweet us at @ciscoemerge or contact us here and we will update this blog.

Want to learn more about the exciting cloud native solutions we are building at Cisco? Check us out Cisco Emerging Technology and Incubation, or join our team!

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